Black Ops Cold War Zombies: PERK SYSTEM EXPLAINED!

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  1. NiftySmith


    5 ай мурун

    14:53 wait a minute....

    • Keith bf

      Keith bf

      Ай мурун

      (ง'̀-'́)ง the pain

    • Geert-Jan Baktawar

      Geert-Jan Baktawar

      5 ай мурун

      im just saying the phoenix up idea could be really good if its once per round and not once per game

    • Nick Ross

      Nick Ross

      5 ай мурун

      *Avengers theme music intensifies*

    • yung Skrilla

      yung Skrilla

      5 ай мурун

      wow an ad

    • fatguyninja879


      5 ай мурун


  2. Levi


    3 ай мурун

    This didn’t age well😂

  3. ItsMe_Cherry{Sin Remover}

    ItsMe_Cherry{Sin Remover}

    4 ай мурун

    So the perks are souls who possess a cola machine telling them in a song to use them?

  4. RickTheFlame


    4 ай мурун

    How will they add more perks?

  5. Luis Busch

    Luis Busch

    4 ай мурун

    Nobody: Treyark when they watch this video: huh??

  6. NinjaNamedBob


    5 ай мурун

    no double tap?

  7. Nicholas Post

    Nicholas Post

    5 ай мурун

    Why not just add staminup to speed cola

  8. Jake Kelly

    Jake Kelly

    5 ай мурун

    5 downs to hit😂

  9. Levi


    5 ай мурун

    This didn’t age well lol

  10. kyerobbo 12

    kyerobbo 12

    5 ай мурун

    I think speed cola and dead shot are a bit op and I don’t think jug will be that strong. But still strong

  11. Jose Maldonado

    Jose Maldonado

    5 ай мурун

    So these are just your ideas? Not what’s really gonna be implemented in the game?

  12. will jones

    will jones

    5 ай мурун

    I hope there’s double tap

  13. JasonFN On 165 hz

    JasonFN On 165 hz

    5 ай мурун

    where did you get that sweatshirt from when you were talking about that sponsor that looks hella comfy

  14. Brandon Garcilazo

    Brandon Garcilazo

    5 ай мурун

    Talk about crutch

  15. Mark Guaman

    Mark Guaman

    5 ай мурун

    Where was this same energy when you were saying not to hype this game lol how people change for views

  16. Crisp Audio

    Crisp Audio

    5 ай мурун

    Click-baited again. Damnit.

  17. Jack Marino

    Jack Marino

    5 ай мурун

    Deadshot could have and upgrade called Sluggernog which converts all shotgun ammo into slugs. Basically bumping accuracy, eliminating spread and gives shotguns added penetration / damage.

  18. Chrys


    5 ай мурун

    R.i.p double tap u will be missed

  19. Fausto Posadas Jr

    Fausto Posadas Jr

    5 ай мурун

    17:00 isn't that top tree void for titans in destiny 2?

  20. jp waitforit

    jp waitforit

    5 ай мурун

    My Boy deadshot is back BABY!!!

  21. Francisco lopez

    Francisco lopez

    5 ай мурун

    idea for a jugg group perk: your tactical grenade section is filled with a stim pack that can be refilled only on max ammo

  22. lil_ beanzie

    lil_ beanzie

    5 ай мурун

    On tree 2 numba 2 they should do 25 percent

  23. Slash Monkey97

    Slash Monkey97

    5 ай мурун

    Double tap2

  24. Sifu - Myers

    Sifu - Myers

    5 ай мурун

    If we got upgradable drops/new ones that would be cool or stackable ones that can be used when you want so you can hold a nuke and maybe its just a one item per person thing that could be a cool idea

  25. evans29091998


    5 ай мурун

    If they keep bo4 service for zombies...I kinda hope there will be perks at launch honestly..

  26. shotgun_daddy-10


    5 ай мурун

    Dope very cool video

  27. TwinAsians


    5 ай мурун

    Don’t want to sound annoying or anything but I’m pretty sure it’s magazines

  28. TGM522 _

    TGM522 _

    5 ай мурун

    Rip widows wine

  29. Natahn Dolar

    Natahn Dolar

    5 ай мурун

    IMO widows wine is way better when camping so it should be on the camping skill tree.

  30. Darkrainbow


    5 ай мурун

    They get jug but little did we know no double tap lmao

  31. Matthew Boyd

    Matthew Boyd

    5 ай мурун

    I think it would be interesting to have headshots give you a small amount of health as an upgrade.

  32. pterodactyl gaming

    pterodactyl gaming

    5 ай мурун

    You said five downs to hit onstead of five hits to down

  33. Meme Man

    Meme Man

    5 ай мурун

    “It takes five downs to hit” - Pat

  34. Michael Mamba15

    Michael Mamba15

    5 ай мурун

    How has treyarch not hired u yet

  35. SpenXO


    5 ай мурун

    me just vibin to the cold war lobby music while listening

  36. W H

    W H

    5 ай мурун

    New gun system removes double tap *Cries in root-beer shelf*

  37. Sam Brown

    Sam Brown

    5 ай мурун

    5:00 capstone

  38. SiNd69


    5 ай мурун

    Someone hire this man

  39. gackspop


    5 ай мурун

    Why is not working at treyarch

  40. Its Dyle

    Its Dyle

    5 ай мурун

    I really want it to be widows wine

  41. Talal


    5 ай мурун

    wait this is genius....

  42. Will Flores

    Will Flores

    5 ай мурун

    Elemental pop is the new wonderfiz pat

  43. Patty Ice

    Patty Ice

    5 ай мурун

    Calling it now last perk that’s coming out is PHD

  44. Cameron Ginn

    Cameron Ginn

    5 ай мурун

    Pat a lil sus this sounds way too real😑🤨

  45. Turtle 2 Fast

    Turtle 2 Fast

    5 ай мурун

    Perk-a-Punch 😳

  46. Tyler Grenier

    Tyler Grenier

    5 ай мурун

    speed cola and electric cherry together would be so cool my two favorite perks

  47. K SWhitehouse

    K SWhitehouse

    5 ай мурун

    13:02 FivE dOWnsTOo hIT

  48. Urx Packsin

    Urx Packsin

    5 ай мурун

    the 6th perk will probably either double tap or mule kick

  49. Bread


    5 ай мурун

    If double tap actually comes back I want these skills: -Do triple the damage instead of two -Weapon has a chance to shot en explosive ammo player received no damage (refresh every 1 and a half minutes and auto activated) -grenades and knife will do double the damage -all crew gain a 5 times weapon damage for any type of weapon ,knife and grenades for 30 seconds once per game ( sorry if my English is bad it’s not my first language and I’m not really creative with ideas)

    • BeWaRe Jay

      BeWaRe Jay

      5 ай мурун

      I agree with everything except the first one. It should be 2.5 instead of 3

  50. James Leveridge

    James Leveridge

    5 ай мурун

    @TheSmithPlays did you mean to say "5 hits to down" instead of "5 downs to hit" XDDD

  51. Israel Flores

    Israel Flores

    5 ай мурун

    five downs to hit lol

  52. Eli


    5 ай мурун

    He’s going to work at treyarch one day

  53. วัชระพงษ์ ขจรจันทร์

    วัชระพงษ์ ขจรจันทร์

    5 ай мурун


  54. Atomic Berserker

    Atomic Berserker

    5 ай мурун

    Why cant we make it to where you can trade 1 of your 3 quick revive uses to revive a teammate with all of their perks

  55. FloatyTubeHat


    5 ай мурун

    "Take less fall damage" *I mean they already nuked how much damage you take in BO3 but ok* Also you can tell Pat doesn't have good accuracy with a shotgun since you get 100 points for each headshot even with a shotgun

  56. Btcctb98


    5 ай мурун

    Pat with another BANGER!

  57. Michael Sepulveda

    Michael Sepulveda

    5 ай мурун

    Speed Cola: Makes hands move faster Me: Thoughts😳

  58. Storm1389


    5 ай мурун

    What if you could pack-a-punch your perks?

  59. Dead Red

    Dead Red

    5 ай мурун

    “Starting effect where it takes you 5 downs to hit”. Uhhh buddy you mixed up down and hit

  60. ClonedGamer001


    5 ай мурун

    I think a better equalizer for deadshot would be all shots counting as headshots for 30 seconds

  61. BaezaBroo


    5 ай мурун

    drug dealer: what you want.? me: 0:10

  62. Mr. Meme Man

    Mr. Meme Man

    5 ай мурун

    It makes me feel weird when you say clip and not magazine

  63. kill joy224

    kill joy224

    5 ай мурун

    im sorry dude but there is no sliding tech neck they removed it

  64. David Wilson

    David Wilson

    5 ай мурун

    Maybe I'm just nostalgic, but I really hope they don't get rid of Double Tap. Having the other three original perks and not having Double Tap doesn't feel complete to me, and I always liked getting the regular quadrinity when I was playing maps that had all four.

  65. amp


    5 ай мурун

    They could scale the bosses to be actually hard in CW so that you need to use equalizers

  66. amp


    5 ай мурун

    if the unlimited ammo was on a recharge rate it would be very op

  67. amp


    5 ай мурун

    i hope theyre skill trees that would be so sick

  68. amp


    5 ай мурун

    tombstone and phd are confirmed as they were made into pins for the game and are being sold as merch

  69. Matthew Beale

    Matthew Beale

    5 ай мурун

    With quick revive I bet they will integrate dying wish into the upgrades, Speed Cola if it has the ammo tree, might take the regain ammo while switched out from Bandolier Bandit's modifier.

  70. Betty Croker

    Betty Croker

    5 ай мурун

    Bro this mans forehead an mouth an eyebrow movement makes me so mad

  71. Skittles


    5 ай мурун


  72. MainManMart


    5 ай мурун

    I think the new perk will be mule kick cuz it was there at natch in the bo1+ versions

  73. Big Samuraii

    Big Samuraii

    5 ай мурун

    13:03 5 downs to hit....?

  74. Giovani Lujan

    Giovani Lujan

    5 ай мурун

    What if for the equalizer was stop time for 15 seconds

  75. Deathwarrior


    5 ай мурун

    Everyone talking about damage when mentioning doubletap ... But NO ONE is talking about fire rate :/

    • Aikilzz HD

      Aikilzz HD

      5 ай мурун

      Thats because double tap 1.0 increases fire rate while double tap 2.0 increases damage. They changed the way double tap works in BO2

  76. DSmash


    5 ай мурун

    I just realize you have not uploaded fortnite lol

  77. Draconyx


    5 ай мурун

    Why the hell don't you work for treyarch yet?

  78. bigg dripp

    bigg dripp

    5 ай мурун

    this video was really well made, but i have a small idea, for staminup you had sliding for the passive tree, why not add banana colada for the offensive sliding?

  79. Benjamin Chan

    Benjamin Chan

    5 ай мурун

    Plsssss do fortnite content again

  80. McM Films

    McM Films

    5 ай мурун

    About the health boost while sprinting imagine sprinting while red screened and then stopping and the game going you don’t have the extra health and downing

  81. The0utcast


    5 ай мурун

    NO MULE KICK?!?!?

  82. Piddly Winks

    Piddly Winks

    5 ай мурун

    I thought something was revealed but this boi just making game mechanic fan fictions and click baiting

  83. Sjoerd Lammers

    Sjoerd Lammers

    5 ай мурун

    Great iDeas !

  84. whiterondo34


    5 ай мурун

    I hope they add widows wind/ winters wail. I love that perk. Eliminates triple hits

  85. Younntripp 1OO

    Younntripp 1OO

    5 ай мурун

    It’s gonna be PhD flopper

  86. TableFruitSpecified


    5 ай мурун

    One thing to know: Perk Bottles are gone. It's Perk Cans now Soda cans. Fizzy Drink Cans

  87. Nathan Sparks

    Nathan Sparks

    5 ай мурун

    Quick revive in coop - one of the upgrades should let you self revive incase your team mates can't get to you.

  88. Jay Rizzi

    Jay Rizzi

    5 ай мурун

    pat probably thinks this would be.. pretty slick 🖊👋🏼

  89. Alex Holbrooks

    Alex Holbrooks

    5 ай мурун

    You could name the trees different flavors so you could get cherry jug or vanilla jug

  90. Lucas !

    Lucas !

    5 ай мурун

    How would all this work with perkaholic

  91. Zachary Miller

    Zachary Miller

    5 ай мурун

    Wont a no perk limit make the game too easy

  92. dggdvg0


    5 ай мурун

    I think I actually commented on one of your videos of this idea

  93. CTRL


    5 ай мурун

    I think also another good idea for quick revive is quicker health regeneration, kind of how it worked in bo4

  94. Shadow Fluxes

    Shadow Fluxes

    5 ай мурун

    They didnt show the sixth perk because its a new one. Staminup is gonna be part of upgrading speed cola now

  95. jeysonxd


    5 ай мурун

    and your ppsh?

  96. priest_pj


    5 ай мурун

    13:01 pat I cant wait till it takes 5 downs to hit

  97. Andrew Saillant

    Andrew Saillant

    5 ай мурун

    Sick ideas Pat

  98. Kyle Hoskins

    Kyle Hoskins

    5 ай мурун

    Seeing that pat thinks that speed colas first upgrade is that max ammos fill up you mags now really proves how much he didn’t play bo4. That was in the whole game! Much love pat loved the video.

  99. The General

    The General

    5 ай мурун

    The brain on you

  100. Peter Kogoj

    Peter Kogoj

    5 ай мурун

    I think that they should give you points witch you can then use to "research" perk abilities... Let say that you get 12 points and you can devise them among perk abilities, but abilities cost a different amount...